Based on the headquarters of Schoeni Projects – a Victorian townhouse in South London – SPXR transports the physical house into the digital world, becoming a fluid space that overcomes physical boundaries. The SPXR metaverse is the primary site for curatorial experimentation and represents a new divergent, immersive digital space where art in all forms can be explored and celebrated.

SPXR represents the next stage of art experienced through a digital platform, which first began with the inaugural exhibition disCONNECT in 2020 where ten artists were invited to “take over” the Victorian townhouse, and which audiences were invited to experience virtually during the height of the pandemic.

SPXR is an adoption to expand the reality of human experience by blending virtual and real-world environments and realities. XR stands for eXtended Reality, an umbrella term encompassing augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies.